If you'd like to make a professionally looking website, but you do not have a lot of experience and are not certain what application to use, it might help if your hosting company offers an Internet site installer tool. In contrast to the popular application installers which are essentially just a group of scripts, an Internet site installer will permit you to to pick the most suitable application with regards to the type of website which you wish to build. This shall save you the time and efforts to investigate whether a specific script will do the job or not. Only a few firms provide Internet site installers, but should you have such a tool at your disposal, you'll be able to start your Internet presence quick and easy. What you'll get will be a ready-to-use Internet site that you could begin customizing in line with your taste and requires using the back office of the newly installed app.

Website Installer in Web Hosting

All web hosting packages we offer come with an Internet site installer. The tool includes a very intuitive interface, so setting up your site will be quite simple even if you have never had a hosting account before. It takes three easy steps to have your website operational - pick your domain name, pick the type of website - CMS, blog, wiki, e-commerce, etcetera., select the login details for the script and you're done. We have countless beautiful themes that you can pick from on the second step and you shall see the relevant ones based on what function you have selected for the website, so you could have a unique website in no time. The tool and all themes which are available in the hosting CP come as a standard with every single package deal and at no additional cost, so you'll be able to save a lot of cash on web design services and still have a professional website.

Website Installer in Semi-dedicated Servers

Every semi-dedicated server solution which we offer comes with a site installer as a part of the Hepsia Control Panel which is employed to regulate the accounts. Setting up a new site shall take you no more than a few minutes and the process is as easy as picking your domain and a template for it. Based on the type of Internet site you would like to have, you shall be able to pick any of the more than a thousand templates which we offer for free with the hosting packages and our tool will offer you just relevant apps and templates. This way, if you want to start a personal blog, for instance, you will not need to browse e-commerce templates. Our user-friendly website installer will save you the time and money you'll otherwise have to spend for developing a site from scratch or for hiring a designer.

Website Installer in VPS Servers

All VPS servers that are set up with our Hepsia hosting CP include a website installer that'll make it very easy to launch a website on your server even if you have never had a hosting account before. The tool features an intuitive interface and it'll take simply a few mouse clicks from the second you log into Hepsia to the moment your new website is operational. You are able to pick the type of site you want during the process and our system will permit you to search through many relevant themes. Once you choose the one you wish, you just have to input the login credentials which you would like to have for the website back office and you will be ready. The installer is the most effective way to launch a professional site, not mentioning that you will not need to spend cash on hiring a web designer.

Website Installer in Dedicated Servers

If you obtain one of our dedicated server packages and the machine is set up with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you will be able to use our in-house developed website installer and start a new site in a matter of minutes through a very intuitive interface. You'll be able to employ the software instrument irrespective of your level of experience because all it takes to set up a website through it is to pick a domain or a subdomain hosted on the server, choose a template from the 1000+ templates which we offer absolutely free to our clients, and then to key in the username and password that you would like to use to enter the site admin area where you'll be able to add and update the website content. The installer shall do pretty much everything that most website designers do, but you'll not need to spend lots of cash to get a professionally-looking site.