If you buy a new web hosting, it's created on a server and the entire process usually takes a while, in addition to the confirmation and processing of the transaction, which most companies make personally. When you buy a dedicated server, for example, the installation takes longer as the machine needs to be built, installed and tried so as to ensure that it will work properly. This is the reason why the majority of providers have a one-time charge in order to cover the time and efforts devoted to your brand new account. The cost, which can sometimes be quite high, is generally not mentioned on the front page, but you'll notice it on your checkout or payment page, so you won't be aware of it before you have already completed the entire signup process and you can even overlook it if you do not pay attention.

Setup Fee in Web Hosting

If you get a web hosting plan from us, the final price that you will need to pay during the checkout is identical to the cost you have already noticed on our front page as well as on any other page on our website. The processing of the payment and the account creation on our modern cloud hosting system are nearly completely automatic, so we think that charging you any kind of installation costs whatsoever will be rather unreasonable. Even if you order a couple of accounts at one time, you won't need to spend any money for their setup or for any other hidden costs for that matter. It is our principle that being honest to every single customer since the very beginning is far more important than getting a few extra dollars.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages do not have any kind of installation charges, so when you get your new account, the total fee for the very first month will be identical for your future renewals. Considering the fact that it takes us a couple of minutes to generate and activate your new semi-dedicated account, we think that it would not be justified to charge you a dime for that. You'll see the exact same amount on our home page, on the payment page and on your bank or PayPal statement and you won't ever need to pay any additional charges. If you already have a regular shared website hosting account from our company and you need a more powerful alternative, we will even transfer all of your data to the new semi-dedicated account cost-free.

Setup Fee in VPS Servers

Despite the fact that setting up a VPS server requires some time and efforts, we'll never charge you any kind of setup fees even if you buy several servers at once. At the time you register, you need to pay solely the regular monthly cost for the picked package and we'll create the VPS, set up its Operating System, website hosting Control Panel and software bundle (web server, MySQL, FTP) at no extra cost. The renewal fees for the following months will be exactly the same as the initial registration charge. We are aware that getting a new customer that trusts us is far more important than getting a modest one-time fee, so when you get a virtual server through us, you may never find any concealed fees.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

If you buy a dedicated server through our company, all you have to pay is the regular monthly cost for the package. We will assemble the hardware that you have chosen throughout the signup, we'll install an Operating System, web server, web hosting Control Panel and all the other software that comes with our plans, then test the machine, but we'll never ask you to pay anything additional for this. The price of the dedicated server you select will be exactly the same - on the front page, on the order page and through the payment process, and there'll be no concealed costs of any type. If you get a dedicated server equipped with the Hepsia control panel and you already have a shared web hosting account from our company, we will transfer all of your data - again free of charge.